The Angry Birds Movie 3: Tropi-Collapse!

0% | Mar 10, 2022 | Animation, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Family

When Red figures out there are more islands out there from Bird Island, Pig Island, and Eagle Island. But when the birds and pigs hear a rumble from the ground, their continents and other islands star to collapse and collide to each other. But when a rainforest is here. They discover a monkey kingdom. Ruled by King Harry, a Howler monkey with minions of spider monkeys. They start to take over Bird Island and Pig Island. So it's up to Red, Chuck, Bomb, Leonard, Silver, Courtney, Garry, Zeta, Debbie, and The Mighty Eagle to stop this catastrophe!

Featured Cast

Status : In Production

Original Language : English


Jason Sudeikis
Red (voice)
Josh Gad
Chuck (voice)
Danny McBride
Bomb (voice)
Bill Hader
Leonard (voice)
Rachel Bloom
Silver (voice)